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A unique business that prepares and supplies healthy and affordable lunches for preschool and school children, as well as school staff. Our clients are busy parents and carers that want to provide their children with fresh, nutritious, homemade lunches everyday, or just the times they need a break or an easy solution.

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Happy Customers

"Recently my eldest son turned 5 years old, and for months leading up to it, it was obvious what the theme would be - Star Wars of course Mummy! He wanted to invite around 30 of his closest friends so an intimate occasion with a few nibbles was not going to cut it! We would require great food, and plenty of it, and of course, as well as the attendees being in their best Star Wars attire and the venue being decked out in full that would have received Darth Vader's approval, the birthday tea had to be Star Wars themed too. Paper Bag Lunches truly rose to the challenge. The lunches were delivered to the hall on time and it was handy having them individually packed as I could quickly lay the table and hand them round. The paper bags were decorated with Star Wars stickers which were a great hit, as was the food inside. I'd chosen a selection of fillings which worked well as we could easily swap bags if one child wanted cheese rather ham etc. The little snack pots containing fresh fruit and veggie sticks went down a storm and seemed to work better than large platters of food being flung in every direction!  After the children had finished eating it was simple to clear away too. I've never had an 'outsider' do catering before, but it meant that on the day I could focus on organising things and relax a little and actually enjoy the day! I think it's worth saying too that, after taking into account what i would've spent at the supermarket on food and drinks, the cost is reasonable. The main thing is my son had a fantastic Star Wars birthday, and he and his friends actually ate their food at a party - no mean feat! Cerys, Esher           O      

5th Birthday party!

I love paper bag lunches - the mornings are so much easier  not having to make packed lunches and it gives my boys a lot more variation and a healthy lunch they really enjoy. They also love sitting down with me choosing their lunch for the next week. I've also found Antonia v helpful and accommodating. Thank you!

Eleanor, Claygate

Iʼm delighted with the quality of food and the excellent service offered by Paper Bag Lunches. Joe and I have fun choosing his lunches for the week and it is encouraging him to try new things. Antonia is extremely helpful and flexible if there is something he doesnʼt like on the menu. Highly recommended!

Vicki - Esher

My 3 year old twins love these paper bag lunches. They love discovering what is in their bags and enjoy all the healthy food that is prepared. I found preparing packed lunches a real chore to keep being creative so by using this service this problem is taken away and my children actually eat the contents! The service is easy to use, reliable, healthy and frankly a winner! Thank you Antonia for coming up with this idea and getting my kids to eat their lunches.

Nathalie HRH of Claygate!!!

'My girls love the paper bag lunches, it's great they can have healthy, tasty, home cooked food with no hassle for me! With one very fussy eater there is always something she loves.'

Lara, Esher

I'm defo a "Happy Customer".... Would definitely recommend, me and my little boy love this service!

Kate & Lucas, Esher

I am so pleased with the quality of food, it is all freshly cooked and prepared with quality ingredients. Fantastic daily choices, my sons love them!

Ali Mummy to twin boys - Esher

...very friendly and helpful, five stars in my opinion

Sally - Weybridge, Surrey

Great choice, great service, great people. What more can I say?

Linda - Esher, Surrey

Most amazing service ever